Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Thailand Bowling Resort

About three years ago, I had this notion of putting together the "Thailand Bowling Resort". Enthusiasm for my latest brilliant idea normally wanes within a week or two, but I was hyped for several months. I put together the graphics (see the bowling balls in the coconut trees?) and a five page business proposal, and even made some meager attempts to contact folks with big bucks.

I envisioned myself as the Willy Wonka of global bowling. Given the relatively cheap costs of bowling in Thailand, you could send members of your league over here, toss a few games, and then drink cocktails on the beach. There'd be 200 foot lanes, and lanes with Evel Knievel style "loop the loops". Banked, race-track style lanes. Lanes with 15 or 21 pins. For the serious bowlers, you'd be able to choose from any number of lane conditions, and actually toss all sorts of balls...not just cheap plastic house balls. Video would be available so you could check out your form. Etc.

It never happened, of course. All you venture capitalists can feel free to grab the idea. But you gotta give me rein to mysteriously wander the premises in the wee hours, with tuxedo, top hat, and cane.


Actually, I haven't tossed a bowling ball for nearly half a year now. My new focus is on Himalayan climbing...I'd really like to get up over 8,000 meters someday. More on that later. But it's not like all my bowling balls are going to waste...I build leg strength and endurance by stuffing the balls into my backpack and "trekking" up and down the stairs in the condo.

Not quite ready to compete with the guys below, though...

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