Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Thai Kanom

Here's a four minute video wherein Thai teenagers are asked, "what is your favorite Thai kanom?" In case you're not aware, "kanom" would be the Thai word for "dessert". Following the response, you see the kanom in question.

Frequenters of Thai restaurants in the West are probably unaware of the huge variety of native Thai desserts. At best, you'll get coconut ice cream, fried bananas, or lychees in syrup. But in Thailand, you'll find large shops devoted entirely to these treats. A favorite location would be between Bangkok and some nearby vacation spot...don't you dare return home to your sweetheart or family empty-handed.

In all honesty, the visual usually eclipses the gustatory. Most kanom are based on coconut and sugar, and this becomes repetitive. Even the ice cream is based on coconut milk. My fave would be "mor gaeng", but that's because it reminds me of a poor man's creme caramel.

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