Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thai Sports Commentary

The Thais don't have much of a concept of egalitarianism. Maybe it's connected to the belief in karma, where one guy can definitely be born with superior baggage to the next. So there's no major hangup in discussing racial differences, IQ differences, gender differences, etc. It can be refreshing if you're accustomed to California-style "political correctness".

It can get a bit ridiculous, though. I've heard Thai sports commentators make the following remarks:

"White people are too hot-tempered" (explaining why a Chinese guy beat a "farang" in a ping-pong match).

"That player looks like a man" (at a women's volleyball match).

"That's the first time Mike Tyson was beaten by a white man" (the FIRST thing that came out of the commentator's mouth after Tyson threw in the towel in his most recent match).

Imagine the uproar if you heard this stuff on American TV.

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