Sunday, November 11, 2007

Googling Won't Answer these Questions

*Did Howard Cosell ever utter "pusillanimous" and "indefatigable" in the same sentence?

*Has anyone bowled a 300 without anyone else ever knowing?

*What is the simplest sentence that has never been spoken? The smallest integer? The smallest integer that has never been used in a computer calculation?

*In the course of your life, how many large invertebrates have crawled over your slumbering body?

*How many kilometers was the longest chain reaction of howling dogs in history?

*When was the last time that someone, in earnest, called a tobacco shop and inquired about the availability of Prince Albert in a can?

*How many movies have been made in which a vehicle runs through a vegetable stand? What is the ratio of car chases that do and don't involve a vegetable stand?

*In the history of humanity, how many folks have died by getting lost in a cave?

* What was the sequence of events that the luckiest ant in history encountered as it sojourned from one side of a busy street to the other?

*What percentage of the world's population turns on a TV within 1 minute of returning home?

*Of all the humans on earth, which individual has the greatest proclivity towards standing in the way?

*What is the most trivial recorded event that occurred on Feb 12, 1848?

*How many folks have successfully staged their own deaths?

*How can I block Kim Kardashian-related news on Yahoo?  (I tried googling this, to no avail...perhaps the answer can be found after 81,000 irrelevant entries)

*Which human most meticulously details his/her life on Facebook?

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