Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Seven Things You Can't Doo in a Thai Taxi

Alternatively, this post could be titled, "Just as I was about to crap in the taxi..."

In case you're wondering, image #6 is a durian fruit.


speakfreely said...

#3 could mean no pooting as opposed to no pooping? I mean, no way they really have to tell people not to poop in the taxi? And I understand about the durian. Nearly the same issue as farting. After eating as much as I could take of one of these alien life-forms, nothing, and I mean nothing could take that taste out of my mouth for a good 8 hours.

KenG said...

Well, I giggled uncontrollably when I noticed that sticker. The taxi driver wanted to know why. When I explained, he didn't contradict my understanding.

Traffic is legendarily awful in Bangkok, though it has improved a bit over the last decade. Some folks were known to buy special potties for crapping in the car (that's what the old Lonely Planet guide said, anyway)...I don't know if those things are still available.