Saturday, March 1, 2008

Lad Prao Road, Sunday Afternoon

lad prao road

Here's a mile or two of Lad Prao Road in Bangkok on a Sunday morning, 2006.

In case you're wondering how the animation was done, it was like this:

1) Make stills of every frame of the video. There's shareware for that.
2) Alter the stills as you wish with Photoshop. You can automate that, so it's not as if you're manually editing 3,000 .jpg files.
3) Reassemble the new .jpg images into a video. Again, there's shareware for that.

You can alter ordinary video in some interesting ways in a single step with Premiere Pro and other video editing programs. In this case, Premiere Pro didn't give me the result I was after, so I opted for a more laborious approach.

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